Let them eat cereal!


So…I had a spell of not feeling well and my son had to help out around the house.  A few times, I needed him to cook dinner.  I figured, “Hey, he’s thirteen.  He can do it”.  Turns out all that he could do was pasta and breakfast.  Since I did not have the fixins for a pasta casserole (his specialty), breakfast for dinner was on the menu.

Before you judge me, I must tell you that we keep some pretty healthy cereals around.  So there were options: cheerios with slices of banana, wheat flakes with cranberries and raisins and apples, and honey clusters with…wait for it…slices of banana.


Another night, he made bacon cakes and a side of eggs.  If you don’t know, bacon cakes are pancakes filled with bacon.  I was pretty proud of him.  He chopped up the turkey bacon, mixed it in a boxed pancake batter and cooked away.  You can check out a more gourmet version here.

turkey bacon

If you are not feeling well, give your children the gift of caring for you.  It will help you to relax and it will help them to learn how to care for the most important person in their life- you.



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