Drunken moms…

April is Alcohol Awareness Month.

Thought it was worth it to reference my first post that was spurred by Elizabeth Vargas of 20/20. When you are done reading, check out this new reference from the Department of Health and Human Services. There are all kinds of cool and helpful tools like e-cards.

I hope that you enjoy…in moderation of course 🙂

Honey Child Magazine

Wow!  When I heard the news that Elizabeth Vargas, co-anchor of 20/20 who had previously been an anchor on World News Tonight, was in rehab I was shocked.  The 51 year-old mother of two boys, is in a rehab facility for alcohol dependency.  Vargas is a prominent Latina newswoman and was the first Latina to anchor a national evening news program in the U.S.  In 2005, she married Marc Cohn, a singer-songwriter.

I have always held her in high esteem because she is open and honest on the air.  I was really shocked to see that this person who I considered to be so strong was struggling with dependency.  She was courageous to seek help and her situation has made me think of all of the other women in the world who are struggling with alcohol or substance dependency.

As a parent, there are many times weekly, or even daily…

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